NMI is a fashion distribution and manufacturing powerhouse that provides Australasian retailers sought after international fashion, footwear & accessories brands with exclusive distribution to selected boutiques and department stores.

The year was 1955, when Mr Nick Mascitelli, newly immigrated to Australia from Italy, saw an opportunity to take advantage of a unique place in the Australian fashion market. Half a century on, with sons Rocco and David at the helm in the Sydney showrooms and daughter Tania managing the Italian head office, NMI has become one of the most inimitable and respected contemporary fashion and footwear businesses in the Australian market.

NMI specialises in the sales, marketing and distribution of brands ranging in scope from designer, European luxury labels, to street-savvy and contemporary lifestyle brands, offering this corner of the globe access to a list of otherwise inaccessible international fashion houses. The NMI PR showroom & Marketing team provide a multi-layered strategic service to each brand, to ensure they are widely represented across all media channels.

More than just a fashion distribution powerhouse, NMI’s footwear distribution and design division works symbiotically to develop and distribute a large range of men’s and women’s footwear. Women’s labels extend from the in-house ranges, Beau Coops, Sempre Di, Sogni Di Giorgia and Piazza Grande, to the distribution of Blonde Ambition and Schutz, consequently covering a wide spectrum of the footwear market. For men, Brando – brain child of Rocco Mascitelli offers the Australasian market a premium, handmade Italian product at an accessible price point. It is this competitive edge, in combination with a lovingly bespoke feel that cements the Mascitelli Empire as leaders in their field.


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